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Calling all Canadian Tokio Hotel fans!
tokio hotel, tom kaulitz

Canadians! As you might have noticed, it’s not always easy trying to find Tokio Hotel merchandise in Canada. Sometimes it’s even hard to find their CD’s, despite the fact that your local music chain’s website says they carry it. Some chains don’t even have websites! These small things make it harder to find Tokio Hotel’s music that we all know and love.

Because of this, Tokio Hotel Canada have decided to put together a directory of ALL stores that may have Tokio Hotel CD’s, DVD’s and other merchandise, to make it easier the next time you go to buy their next album!

The list will be sorted by provinces, and will contain stores where people have seen Tokio Hotel merchandise, who will most likely still carry it, unless they go out of stock.

What we need YOU to help us out with, is finding out which stores carry Tokio Hotel items! All you have to do is comment here and let us know which stores where you have purchased or seen Tokio Hotel merchandise (not including Hot Topic or online stores.)

All you need to do is fill out this quick form:

Store Name:
Store Address (or name of mall):
Merchandise Spotted (i.e. Schrei CD, Caught On Camera, T-Shirts etc…):

Thank you so much, and we hope this helps you in the search for TH goodies!